Friday, July 3, 2009

Project Nirvana Has Arrived

Project Nirvana (Driving Bliss) - our normally aspirated Lotus project car has been secured today. Many of you know we sold our Exige recently to fund this project as well as the upcoming Black Widow. This car is pretty exciting for me as it brings us back to our roots: 'Performance Through Lightweight'.

We intend to build a lighter Elise with our best parts. Our intent is to keep Project Nirvana as a street friendly car but track capable. It will not have some of the extreme mods we installed on the Exige. In fact we plan to leave the power unchanged.

We know the forced induction cars have gotten much of the attention these past couple of years. The beauty of the NA cars is the added reliability from a powertrain that is not taxed to the level of the FI cars.

This is an '05 Elise with 14,000 miles on the odo. It came with the Sport Pack & Hardtop options only. The lack of the Touring Package saves us some weight immediately since it lacks the added sound insulation. The previous owner, Bill has taken good care of this Elise and only made one mod: the microMIRROR.

We have a long list of tweaks that aim to make the car an overall better performing package. In fact we will highlight many of Ralph from V2 work including: V2linx, V2 Fuel Tank, & V2arms. Project Nirvana will also be the lucky recipient of Nitron GT3 suspension and our ULTRAdisc brakes. The car needs to be ready for the next LCS event at Laguna Seca: July 16 & 17. We've got a bunch of work ahead of us!

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