Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project Dragon (Drakan Spyder) Update #9

We continue working towards our goal completing our first car in March.  We have been working hard on many fronts.   I made another trip up to Lancair to review our plugs and tooling.  We sorted through some details and kept the tools  flowing.  It's great to finally see the body panels in full size.

The guys have been busy this week getting our test mule ready for additional track testing next week.
 Ryan was in last weekend and we  made some key decisions on wiring.  

We also got some help from our friends at Olloclip and had our headlight 3D printed on their new rig.

We received new Girodiscs,
AP Racing calipers and adapter brackets from Palatov and test fit them.  This new brake kit is massive!  I suspect they will last a long time...though they are 5 lbs heavier per corner.  The stock front wheels don't clear the calipers so we need those HREs...ASAP!

The new bellcranks have been installed but our Nitrons need different spacers.  Dennis has filed a patent for this new design and I'm especially excited to see how they perform.

We've also had our interior guy create some rough patterns for us.
We will add some pockets and additional detailing to make it look properly cool.

Did I mention we have installed a new AiM MXL2?   We want to ease the video integration that everyone is asking for...yes, we have been busy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lotus Race Car Prep: Defeating the Stock Immobilizer

Deleting the factory immobilizer is one of the simple things you can do to make your track only car simple and more reliable.