Wednesday, December 24, 2008

FIA Race Seat from Cobra

We're fitting a new FIA tested race seat from Cobra into an Exige.  This seat was built specifically for the Lotus.  It will become a new affordable, <$700, option for the race & track day enthusiast. We're sorting the brackets now.  Should have some pictures shortly.

Friday, December 19, 2008

ProAlloy Chargecooler Update

Proalloy has changed up the fan configuration on their Chargecooler for the 'S'.  We anticipate this relocation to the top of the rad stack should result in better cooling to the engine radiator.  The new fans will 'pull' the air through the stack.  They have designed new brackets to mount the fans.  We expect to get one kit in shortly to test out.  


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New A/A Intercooler

We've been working with an intercooler manufacturer to test out a new Air to air intercooler that is a direct bolt-on solution for the Exige S.

This design promises a nice improvement in Thermal Transfer rate and dP.  See below:

Transfer rate (BTU/hr): 77,000(stock) vs. 105,250(new)
Pressure Drop (PSI): 1.9 vs. 1.4
Temp out (deg F): 198 vs 161
Efficiency (%): 84 vs 91.3

The intercooler has been dynoed and currently undergoing testing on road & track.  We expect it to be very affordably priced at around $800.  ETA: 1Q09

Monday, December 8, 2008

Exige graphics refresh

Hello All,

We decided to refresh the Exige and the dead line was the Wine Run '08 held last Saturday (Dec.6th)

Previously the Exige had twin stripes running from nose to tail. Retaining the previous color scheme, a sketch was produced, signed off on and we taped the design on the surface. A local graphics company was able to apply vinyl to the surfaces.

All in all a great way to update the car utilizing the existing body lines and shapes.

If you're close by in SoCal, you just may see it at a future event or feel free to stop by!

stellaCORSE Wheels on the Tesla

We had a stellaCORSE fitment built for the Tesla earlier this year. Here is a picture of it on the car. Yes, I think it looks way better than stock - but what would you expect me to say. ;^)
I think it would look even better if our stellaCORSE were silver. The fitment is a 5 lug and the offsets and wheel widths are different. I wonder if it would fit the Dodge EV as well (assuming it ever see the light of day). The internal Tesla folks loved the wheel and we know many of their clients and dealers also raved about it. We hope to have these available if the demand requires it!

Friday, December 5, 2008

ProAlloy Chargecooler Update

We continue to refine the ProAlloy Chargecooler solution for the Exige 'S'. We made some great new progress that I believe will allow us to introduce the kit soon. The troubles we have been having relate to the insufficient engine rad cooling we are experiencing. The intakes temps are fantastic but engine cooling was reduced.
We tried the new 3 Pass ProAlloy Radiator and realized some improvement in water temps BUT still not enough. The current & stock fan set-up actually impedes airflow to the engine radiator. We've now moved the fans to the top of the radiator stack. This allows the air to reach the engine rad without having to follow such a tortuous path. We should have results early in Jan.
We expect this should give us acceptable engine water temps to go along with the awesome intake temps the chargecooler delivers!