Monday, July 27, 2009

Nitrons Cleaning Up at Laguna Seca

Nitron had an unbelievable showing last week at Laguna Seca for the 5th round of the Lotus Challenge Series. The fastest cars in the field were running Nitrons in various configurations. Nitron equipped cars grabbed 5 podiums in the time trial and a 1-2 finish in the club race while posting the fastest times of the week.

One of the most exciting examples of the performance these suspension systems provide was displayed during the club race on Thursday. Brent B., running with the Nitron Race triple-adjustables, and Kevin M., running the Nitron GT3s, had a ten-lap battle that was amazing! Laguna Seca has about three or four good passing areas but, if you make a move off line, you can quickly get yourself in trouble. Despite this, Brent and Kevin really pushed themselves to the limit.

Brent's Exige is HIGHLY modified with extensive aero and Kevin's Exige is running a stock aero setup. Differences in aerodynamic downforce have a significant effect on the suspension system. The adjustability of the Nitrons makes it easy to get the correct suspension settings no matter what kind of aerodynamic upgrades you've made.
In the time trial, Brent came in first, followed by Kevin. In the Forced-Induction class, Andy K. placed first with his Nitron Track double-adjustables, followed by Tim H. running the Nitron Sport Pro single-adjustables. Project Nirvana also made the podium in the stock normally aspirated class running on the Nitron GT3s.

During the week at Laguna Seca, the Nitrons proved they could be extremely fast no matter what car they were bolted to. High-speed or banked corners will bottom out any car running aero and stock suspension as Andy explains in our latest podcast live from Laguna Seca.

The flexibility of Nitrons also allows you to drive your car to and from the track. Andy, running the double-adjustable Nitrons in his Exige S, and Bill, running the Nitron GT3s in our Project Nirvana Elise, both drove the 400+ miles home from Laguna Seca with no problem. Bill was shocked (pardon the pun) at how amazing compliant it was on the highway. We left the suspension at the setting we used at the track and felt no need to soften it up at all. A key reason for the ride compliancy is the Low Speed Compression adjustability. Though triples seem like a race-only solution, they can also be very comfortable on the street as well.

Whether you're a serious racer, enjoy the occasional track-day or just like spirited runs on the twisties, we have the Nitron suspension setup for you. Call us at (951) 296-6762 to get the perfect custom spring rates and shocks for you and your car!

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