Sunday, July 5, 2009

Larini 8" + ReVerie 5 Element Diffuser Install

I am tired of overly loud exhausts on street driven cars. I like to think I am maturing... ;^) I've listened to more exhausts on these Lotus, than most people, so have become somewhat of a exhaust snob. Many of the systems are far too boomy for my taste with unbearable drone at cruising speeds.

Since I will be running Nirvana at the Laguna Seca LCS event, I needed to choose a system that would meet the
strict noise (dB) requirements of that track. I am a big advocate of naked rears (we were the first to introduce them here) because of the heat
dissipation benefit and weight savings. Plus a a rear diffuser with no exhaust hole can actually perform the task it was originally designed to do.

The Larini 8" became the exhaust of choice as it is quiet and exits above the diffuser. This exhaust is not the lightest we offer, but I love the sporty, drone free sound it delivers. When coupled with a Larini header and straight pipe, it delivers some of the best full throttle aural delights you will ever hear in a Lotus. But Project Nirvana will only receive the Larini 8" for now.

The ReVerie 5 Element Diffuser was also added to improve drag management. This prepreg, autoclaved carbon fiber rear diffuser is lighter than stock (5.5 vs. 6.35lbs). The additional vertical elements help channel the air, flowing under the car, better than a 3 element. These added elements also make it very stiff, eliminating the need for additional bracing. We supply a bracket that supports the license plate with this diffuser. When attached, it adds all the structural support needed to create a very stiff rear. This diffuser has no exhaust hole so it allows the air to flow underdisturbed by exhaust tips or fumes. Simon Farren reviewed these benefits in our aero seminar, see: ReVerie Tech video.

I added our new tailHOOK as it is our lightest rear tow hook. Plus Laguna Seca requires towing points. I also added one of our front folding tow hooks to meet their requirements.

The parts I removed weighed 40.55lbs and were replaced with items weighing 22.7lbs. The rear changes and part removal has saved about 18lbs. As we are shooting for 1900lbs, we have some serious work ahead of us!

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