Saturday, July 18, 2009

Laguna Seca Wrap Up

We finished off the LCS event with aplomb. Everyone was smiling and having a great time. The weather was spectacular and the competition was friendly yet focused. The LCS guys are serious about their cars/results but still take the time to help each other. This type of camaraderie is truly a wonderful thing. I'm sure, as Jim continues to spread the series, across the country, Lotus owners elsewhere will experience this first hand.

On Friday our LCS run group included other Advanced Drivers that were not necessarily competing - one of which was JoeRacer from LotusTalk. He is running an Exige 'S' and cranking some quick times. I think he would have placed on the podium for sure if he had entered our Time Trial. Several prepped race Porsches and Vipers also joined us. Power is definitely an advantage on this track as a new Viper SRT-10 showed me by leaving me in its wake.

My goal was to get the car under 1min50 - which I finally managed to achieve in the last session and last run! Better late than never. My best final time was 1min49.589. Nirvana ran flawlessly so I was very happy with her. My skills and seat time need some additional sorting. All in all, I am happy as this was my first time with this car and on this track.

The picture above came from Carlos Oliveros who sold us a CD with some great Hi-res shots.

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