Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carbon Hatch from ReVerie - BSK Style

I am excited to report that ReVerie will soon introduce a rear tailgate/hatch for the Exige. Simon has licensed the design from BSK in Japan and will introduce a hatch made to ReVerie standards - which means very light & very stiff.

The OE tailgate weighs approximately 20lbs. The ReVerie version will weigh much less. The added venting, particularily at the exit of the intercooler, is designed to help extract hot air.

Brent was running a BSK tailgate at Laguna last week. See pic above. It is a serious race piece that looked bad to the bone. We've placed a small order with ReVerie and are looking forward to getting them. Contact us if you are interested.
Many of you know that ReVerie carbon fiber (CF) products are the lightest and strongest CF parts we sell. ReVerie uses prepreg, carbon fiber and autoclaves each part for the best performance. I know of no other CF parts supplier, in the Lotus market, that goes to these lengths - F1 & aerospace processes - to produce CF. Watch our CF Tech Seminar with Simon Farren to learn more: HERE.

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