Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Full Drive with Project Nirvana

Took Nirvana out for a drive on our local Temecula roads. We are blessed with sweet back roads that are varied in scale, speed and scenery. DeLuz Road is familar to anyone who has attended one of our Wine Runs. It is my acid test road. Cars prove their mettle to me on this road, as it has a good variety of challenges.

Nirvana has the Sport package so the ride is a bit choppy on the freeway. In the canyon, the famous Lotus tuning showed its worth. The car ate up DeLuz. I had owned an '05 Elise originally so it brought back many great memories of early morning blasts in the canyons. What a fantastic car - not sure how anyone could get tired on this.

  • Soft springs helped suck up some bumps
  • Excellent turn-in
  • Driving with the top off makes you feel like you are going much faster
  • Rebound valving seems harsh on bigger bumps - this is clearly better on smooth sections
  • Heel & Toe downshifts are too hard - easy fix with HNTpad
  • Exhaust note too quiet
Bottom Line: This car rocks. I can see why many people leave them bone stock - they are plenty capable. Of course we plan to track Nirvana so some mods are absolutely needed.

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