Friday, July 10, 2009

Nirvana Build Continued

The car continues the transformation process. I installed a RTVbrace as it is an excellent rear toe link reinforcement. The rear toe link is one of the weaknesses on a track driven stock Lotus. Lotus installs their version on all Track Pack cars to address this issue. Our RTVbrace and it's 'evil' twin the RTDbrace are solutions we sorted a few years ago. We have hundreds of clients who have been running them with excellent results on track.

We installed the silver stellaCORSE wheels to eye ball the car and ride height. It also allowed us to quickly look at toe - front and rear. The fronts needed some tweaking to get them right. I set them with zero toe temporarily. I will be corner balancing the car and setting final alignment on Tues with my good friend Carl. Carl has become a local expert on Lotus
alignment. In fact, he will be holding an alignment seminar at our shop later this Fall.

I'm obviously biased but I really feel these are the best looking wheels you can install on the Lotus. They are forged for strength and boast the perfect offsets for track and street use. The quality is superb.

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