Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fuel Starvation Fix - Modified OEM Tanks from V2

Ralph has been busy sorting out the fuel starvation issue inherent in most Elise/Exige when tracked. This has not been a street issue but one that manifests itself on the track in high G corners. The stock tanks have a baffle that is coming loose as the sealant is failing.

Ralph has been collecting fuel pressure data on an Exige 'S' that he is crewing. The stock tank is running dangerously low even before the driver feels the cut out. The resulting lean conditions have blown more than one Elise/Exige motor that we know of.

V2 is taking stock fuel tanks and modifying them as follows:
  1. Open the end of the tank
  2. Thoroughly clean out the failing sealant
  3. Weld in their new baffle - 99% sealed and featuring some proprietary venting
  4. Install trap doors (see above)
  5. Weld on end plate
  6. Pressure test the tank for 24hrs (see picture below)
They have tested this tank in race conditions with slicks and found they can run the car down to 1 gallon of fuel with no problems. This solution maintains all of your emissions and safety parts that exist with your stock tank.

We will offer this solution on an exchange basis. Contact us to get your car sorted.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Are there any plans on having a tank core deposit charge instead of removing and sending my tank in right away? I would like to have minimum down time for the car since it is summer. The process would be to order the improved tank with core deposit, swap out tanks, send my tank in for the core deposit refund.

Thanks for considering this.