Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Weigh-In for Project Nirvana

My friend Rahul stopped by Sector111 with his '06 Exige to weigh his car. Project Nirvana is going on a small diet so I also needed to know the base.
We also threw my Atom on the scales as I have not weighed it since adding the Hitech exhaust system and new Nitron Triples shocks.

The Exige is a normally aspirated version that has a Stage II exhaust but otherwise remains stock. We filled up the gas tanks so the weights are fully wet. Rahul was hoping to his car would be about 2k. Well he was extremely close...2001lbs for the Exige, 1961 lbs for the Project Nirvana and 1462lbs for the Atom.

Nirvana's weight included the factory hardtop. It was actually a bit heavier than I expected. I'd like to get to 1900lbs but know it will be awfully hard as we are trying to keep this Project street friendly. I will be installing a Larini 8" and ReVerie 5 -element diffuser shortly which will drop some Lbs.

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