Friday, February 27, 2009

Atom Wing is Coming

ReVerie has finished our wing and it will soon ship.  Steve Ramm spec'd this to generate good downforce yet keep reasonably low drag.  The wing is fully adjustable and will require a bit of dialing in so we'll take it to the track to get it sorted.

We anticipate the brackets and wing will be on my Atom in 2-3 weeks.  Definitely in time for our ReVerie Technical Seminar on April 11th.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

titanQR is now Yellow!

Craig Stanton commented that the Exige's steering felt quicker than normal while driving it out of the pit at my last Trackday.  Our titanQR is something he had not yet experienced in any of the dozens of Lotus he has driven.  He liked it - and so do we!  They now come in yellow!  This is a great upgrade for anyone who loves the steering feel and wants something even better.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Tuned MINI Update

Read more on our Kappasphere Blog.   It's a blast!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

new Aluminum Diffuser

We test fit a new 5 element aluminum diffuser on our Exige. It is pretty wicked looking and more affordable than our ReVerie carbon fiber 5 element diffuser. Check it out here: aluminDIFFUSER

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cobra Brackets Installed - Update

We've now test fit 2 styles of brackets with the Cobra seat. We've put in a fixed bracket and one that fits on the factory slider. Both work well for tall drivers. Our resident 6fter, Dave, sports a 31" waist and a 33" inseam. He fits well in the Cobra in our Exige. See the picture. The seat can moved 2-3" fore and aft and can also be adjusted for rake/tilt. This will accomodate many drivers but not short folks like me.

The front of the seat runs into the stock center console. Modifying this corner is the key to get the seat in the forward position. I spoke with Chad, Cobra's distributer in the US to discuss the safety implications of modifying a seat. Kevlar seats are commonly and safely modded for tight fitments (like Miatas). Chad was very comfortable with the modifications that I felt were needed to move the seat forward.

Working with Tim, we've made several changes to the brackets to improve fitment. We need to make a couple of tweaks to the fixed seat bracket and we will be ready.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Willow Springs Layout - Big Track

Chasing Roy's GT3

Had some fun with Roy at Willow. His GT3 is an amazing machine.  BTW:  the Larini 8" exhaust remains my favorite system as it sounds great without being too loud or can see peek of it above.

Trackday at Big Willow

Spent the day at Willow Springs racetrack yesterday - testing and celebrating Jack's 60th B-day! His wife rented the track for Jack and bunch of his friends. I brought out the Exige to drive, Willow is one of the higher speed tracks in Southern CA. The car ran well as I acclimated myself to the track - it had been a couple of yrs since I was there last. The Exige has the following ReVerie aero parts: front spoiler , 5-element diffuser , Side Sills and 1650mm Rear wing. The Exige also has the Nitron Sport Pro and is running 120mm/125mm ride heights.

The front spoiler creates a truely flat bottom car - the stock Exige is not flat immediately behind the stock front spoiler. The ReVerie spoiler creates a smooth flat area to keep air running fast and smooth to the undertray and rear diffuser. The ReVerie sills also work to keep air from tumbling up the sides of the car. The Rear Wing is the largest we sell and makes the most downforce. This set-up provided a very comfortable balance to me. Some of the high speed understeer that I experienced on Buttonwillow was reduced by lowering the Angle of Attack on the rear wing.

With a prodriver (Craig Stanton), our Exige was able to go flat out from corners 5 until the braking zone for 9! No lifting at all - he is an amazingly smooth and fast driver! He really loves these cars as he was clearly having good time with our Exige. He especially likes the ReVerie XC seat!
Our Exige has the Katana with a base level of tune. This track is not heavy on the brakes and the AP Racing kit was deemed almost too good. Craig also noted that the suspension could now use heavier springs beacuse of the massive downforce. We have the new Nitron Exige GT3 kit ready to install.

All in all it was great day as the weather was also perfect. Thx to Jack's wife Nikki for arranging a great time for us all! Did I mention Alex VanHalen was in attendance - he was very fast in his race-prepped BMW! He is a very cool and a true car guy.