Friday, November 30, 2012

Mono Build Entry #14 - Radiators

0007 now has the last of her cooling system in place, with both radiators being mounted. In keeping with the overall quality of hardware on the Mono, the radiators are lovely items. Tapered and fully TIG welded with bespoke light weight mounting brackets, it's a shame they are eventually covered with the side pods!

Left side, front view.

The right side radiator set up, lambda sensor control module is attached to the top of the radiator. Due to the close proximity of the exhaust on this side, there are special heat shields (not yet mounted) that attach to the welded bosses on the two 180 deg bends of the exhaust.

Left side, rear view.

Right side radiator in the back ground, initial layout of some of the suspension in the foreground.

Right side, front view.

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