Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mono Build Entry # 15 - Front Suspension

Continuing with the Mono build, we have completed the initial construction of the front suspension. These parts are a fairly easy assembly, with the main concern being to not scratch the core body panels! 
The Right Front Suspension: Fabricated aero tube upper and lower control arms, billet upright and rocker, track rod and anti roll bar link, Sachs Damper.  

Left Front Suspension.

Low Angle of the Left Front Suspension: Visible in this shot is the ride height adjuster on the lower end of the push rod. This allows quick and easy ride height and corner balance adjustments with out having to loosen the lock nut on the top of the push rod, which is difficult to access with the main body present. 

Low Angle of Right Front Suspension.


ciru kimani said...

Wow! That's interesting nice to see how the suspension system looks without the body of the car.

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All about 4wheels said...

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