Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mono Build Entry #10 - Chassis to Jig

With the majority of the components fixed to the center portion of the chassis, it became time to set 0007 on her floor!

The floor of the Mono is constructed of 3 separate pieces of 5mm thick "Jabroc". Jabroc is a high density wooden laminate. This gives the material excellent wear characteristics when used as a skid plate, and is used across all forms of motorsport, including F2, F3, LMS, ALMS, etc.

The three sections of floor are machined in order to overlap at the joints, and all fastener holes are countersunk to keep the bottom of the floor perfectly flat. Stainless hardware is used to secure the Jabroc to the captive fasteners attached to the aluminum sub-floor.


The joining of the chassis to the floor went very smoothly. Only a few fore/aft and lateral adjustments were required to get all the bolts in, and have the car centered on the jig. With this process complete, we can now turn to one of the more difficult aspects of the Mono, which is fitting the body work...



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LeMadChef said...

Good lord that car is beautiful!