Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mono Build Entry #12 - Core Body Panels

Currently at Sector 111 we are fitting the first body panels on the Mono, which we call the "Core" body panels. As their name suggests, the core body panels provide the base for all of the other body work and fairings, essentially wrapping the center section of the chassis, and extending down over the top side of the Jabroc floor.

As with all the body panels on the Mono, the Core Body panels are made entirely from carbon fiber. The next picture shows the chassis on the jig, with the core body panels loosely in place.

 In the picture below you can see mounts for the front suspension and steering protruding from the holes in the body work. All suspension and running gear must go on after these panels are installed.
There are several bespoke fastener solutions found on the body work for the Mono, such as the M5 Buttons which hold the Core Panels to the floor. These machined pieces are an excellent example of the attention to detail that go into the Mono: Not only do they provide increased contact surface area when compared to a traditional fastener, but when the other panels are installed you can hardly notice them, giving a seamless, integrated look the the body.


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