Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mono Build Entry #13 - Plumbing Details

In preparing the Mono for it's first run test, we have been in the throes of taking care of the last bits of plumbing on the car. One interesting bit on the Mono is the engine oil tank is incorporated into the casting for the transmission, just behind the bellhousing interface.
In the same fashion, the catch tank for the car is cast into the bellhousing. The picture below shows the left side plumbing details.

As you can see in these pictures, this car is packaged pretty tightly, and we have to put a lot of care into making sure the routing of the lines and orientation of the fittings are correct. Next up are the radiators, and with a few wiring details sorted, we will be ready for our first run test.


amanda jorge said...

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Kenny Isbell said...

I think it's been a year since the first test drive, and the mono's just looking sexier than ever! From humble beginnings, your team managed to create perfection in a single seater. I can just imagine the expertise and effort you put into doing this project of yours. And seeing from these pics of the plumbing, I've just found out the adventures while creating this mono and I'm enjoying every step of it! Kenny @ ApacheOilCompany.com