Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spherical Bearing Conversion for the Lotus

Our MONOball and Nitron Bearing kits have become a popular choice for racers and track enthusiasts who are running sticky tires.  Nitron's upright kit had full spherical bearing conversions and we've been interested in developing a solution to eliminate the balljoint for cars with stock wishbones and uprights.  Mitch has designed our new solution and we've begun testing them.

A full kit will soon be on our Art Car for track testing.  Getting the dimensions correct in this application proved to be a lengthy effort.  We've cycled the suspension in every conditions and configurations that we could brainstorm.  Note the picture below show a stock damper with stock uprights at full lock and compression.  As you can imagine many other configurations needed to be tested as well - which Mitch has patiently executed...This will be a track-use only product.

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