Monday, October 15, 2012

SRA testimonial - Sector111 Suspension Settings

I got an email from an Atom client, Rich B., who bought an SRA from us earlier this year.  He found the initial springs and settings were too stiff at one of our local tracks, Buttonwillow.  We found the same issues with our SRA so we undertook some suspension testing and development as reported: HERE.

After we completed our work, Rich brought his SRA to us and had us make the same changes to his car.  He recently took it to the track and had the following report:
I just got back from Buttonwillow .... I'm very happy to report that the new spring and damper settings worked great. I ran a full 5 seconds faster than last time; the difference thanks to the springs is HUGE. So much more comfortable pretty much everywhere around the track so I'm not bouncing around under braking, through corners or on the straights and I can hit a couple of berms without any trouble now too. You can also easily see the difference from my on-board videos, the whole car now rides better.   
                                                                             -Rich B.
 The SRA is a fun car that requires your 'A' game while driving at the limit.  I think it is an excellent car for track day enthusiasts and an even better race car, thanks to it's low running costs and reliability.  This simple reminder also proves that tuning a car for specific conditions becomes key to going fast with confidence.

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