Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mono Build Entry #8

The progress continues! With the major components assembled of the bell housing sub assembly complete, we were ready to not only attach the bellhousing to the engine, but install the engine in the chassis.

The Mono bellhousing is a large, bespoke aluminum casting which performs a variety of functions. While it's primary function is of course to mate the engine and gearbox, it also holds the front half of the rear wishbone mounts, rear damper mounts, body work brackets, and it contains the vent tank for the dry-sump oiling system.


Shown below is the AP Racing clutch slave cylinder / throwout bearing which resides in the bell housing.


Here we have the bellhousing and engine held on the engine hoist, ready for install.

While it's certainly tight quarters, the engine slotted in quite easily.

The right side of the engine looks relatively bare at this point, but this side of the chassis gets very busy once the headers are installed.

With the engine now in the chassis, we are currently bleeding / leak checking the hydraulics for the clutch system, and with that complete, we can install the gearbox. Exhaust and wiring details follow, and with the major structural components in place, the car will be ready to be mated with it's floor on the jig....


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