Monday, October 1, 2012

Mono Build Entry #6

The steering rack has been installed and tweaked to a new spec.  The supplier is Titan, supplier  for our titanQR and raceRACKs.  They also supply the Ariel Atom racks so we've worked with them for years.
The front Bellcranks and sway bar pushrods have been installed.  The Atom has a similar suspension system but lacks the swaybar.  The carbon fiber front storage box was test fitted.  This box is located at the front of the car and is accessed through the bonnet (front hood).  It is a perfect storage area for your helmet.

The rear exhaust bracket and rear sway bar links were bolted to the Hewland trans.  Wishbone brackets were also added.

Various issues have surfaced during assembly that we are recording on a 'punch-list' with BAC.  This list is stored on a shared BAC Dropbox account.  This eases communication for Corrective Actions.  We also continue to refine the assembly manual and have worked closely with BAC to ensure we are building our Monos to the same standard.

We just got word from our shipping company that the body has arrived at Customs in LA.  We should have it this week!

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