Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mono Build Entry #5

We received a large batch of parts from BAC and have taken inventory.  We began assembling again after reviewing our build plan.

The new gas tank was fitted and cover was riveted in place.  Routing the fire extinguisher lines was also done.  This is an option that should be ordered by every track enthusiast.  It is best to install during the initial build as it is much easier to route the lines. Installing it after the car is finished will not be quick nor easy!

We also bolted the hubs to the uprights.  Note the trick green paint marker that confirms the bolt was torqued.  All four of the uprights are the same and also use the same hubs.  This is a welcome design for assembly and service feature.  We need to press in one more bush (which is in the freezer shrinking) into a wishbone and we will be ready to install them.

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