Thursday, October 1, 2009

ULTRAproven - ULTRAdiscs

We developed ULTRAdiscs with Girodisc over four years ago. Since then, ULTRAdiscs have proven themselves in almost every manner possible. We combined Martin @ Girodisc’s years of automotive engineering experience (5 years of which were spent at Porsche Engineering Services) and our knowledge of the Lotus Elise/Exige to develop the perfect OE replacement brake solution, the ULTRAdiscs.

ULTRAdiscs have proven their performance and longevity on the street and race track since 2005. It’s the rotor of choice for the fastest Lotus Challenge Series competitors. ULTRAdiscs have been run on the track with fantastic results on cars with high power and massive downforce as well as on N/A cars with no aero. ULTRAdiscs have been proven time and again to deliver regardless of car setup or track.

The race track is a great place to test the performance of products. The extremes of track use are hardly ever duplicated on the street. However, actual street miles are just as hard to duplicate. ULTRAdiscs have spent just as much time proving themselves on the street as they have on the track. The Sector111 Spyder took a set of ULTRAdiscs over to 30,000 miles and still had life left in them! No other rotor on the market can say that.

ULTRAdiscs are the only aftermarket rotors to have been proven on the road and track for as long as they have. They were developed back in 2005 to be lightweight and longlasting. After being put to the test for over four years, we have proof these rotors will deliver!

When it was time to upgrade the brakes on our Project Nirvana, there was only one rotor up to the task: the ULTRAlightweight, ULTRAlonglasting and ULTRAproven ULTRAdiscs.

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