Monday, October 19, 2009

Nitron Uprights and More

Guy and his engineers have been busy developing some new products that stretch beyond his normal line. He has developed a line of race focused products that complement Nitron suspensions. New front uprights and rear uprights have been built with several key features. These will also take new brakes that have been developed for race use. New toe links with a novel new design have also been sorted. See the Nitron website for more detail on these items: Click Here

Nitron, Sector111 and Simply Sportscars have embarked on a global Technical Partnership that will strive to develop even more serious products for the Elise/Exige variants. Our goal is to sort out products that will be track and race focused with ultimate performance. Expect us to embrace the Lotus mantra of performance through lightweight so that we can extract every possible ounce of performance.

We have also made an investment in service for Nitron suspensions in the North America. A shock dyno has been ordered and will allow us to rebuild and revalve Nitrons to spec. Ralph at V2 Motorpsorts will be our partner in providing the service that will be required for anyone running these race shocks. Expect an even more comprehensive and customizable Nitron offering from us - with complete service.

Stay tuned for more detailed information.

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