Saturday, October 24, 2009

Atom Rear Wing Strut is Finally Done

Steve came by the shop with the finished rear strut assembly. A few tweaks were made and the wing bolted on. We set the slot gap to 10mm. Additional wing adjustment was available for the main wing on the strut. We set this fairly conservatively. We had installed the front TMI wing a month ago. The car has the look of the current gen F1 cars with a large front spoiler and narrower rear wing. The dual element wing from ReVerie looks fantastic. It is an excellent design and should prove to be very efficient.

The struts are a work of art with a trailing edge that is almost too sharp. Steve built them on his own mill and will build them to order for us. Final production versions will have a tumbled and
anodized finish. Since these will be custom ordered, we can anodized them to colors chosen by the client.

We took a quick trip with the car around our test route. It had already gotten dark but we had to drive it! The added downforce was clearly evident on a fast bend on the route. Now we need to get this car to the track to dial in the suspension.

I spent some time driving it on Saturday. We were dialing in our new 7100rpm tune with Steve from Secant and the car ran well. The added downforce adds a high level of comfort as the Atom felt fully planted.

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