Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nitron Testing at the Bedford Autodrome Track

Ralph from V2 and I were in England last week getting training at Nitron. Guy Evans, Nitron MD, was our gracious host who along with his staff, provided us the needed training to start up our Nitron North America program. This team answered our unending questions on the rebuild, revalve and upgrading of Nitrons. After an intense week of info overload, we had the chance to do some testing at the Bedford Autodrome. This former airbase is now a great facility that can be rented for testing or for training. They offer an excellent program that gets you into several awesome cars and onto the track. We ran the 3.8 mile track config. Learn more about Bedford: HERE
We brought Nitron's newly rebuilt 111R (Elise). They bought this crash damaged car and have begun making it into their newest test vehicle - the N2. It featured a roll cage, CF seats, Nitron Single Adjustable suspension, Nitron toe links, Nitron brakes and a brand new R888s on TD cast wheels.

This was the first shakedown trip for the car so we drove carefully at first (of course the rain helped). But quickly we found the car was well sorted and a fun track day companion. This picture is of Ralph working his smooth style to the max...

Driving on a new track while shifting with my left hand added to the challenge. I also had to use quite a few towels to better fit my short self into the fixed seats that were positioned for 6ft+ Guy. After my first stint in the rain, I got the chance to get settled. The second stint came after lunch with a drying track. More fun and more speed. I started getting the line down and started linking several of the corners like a track regular and began passing quite a few of the other cars. I was not 100% with my left handed shifts but that will come with more practice. Luckily, I don't have this issue in the US. 8^)

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