Friday, November 21, 2008


Well I have seen the Evora in person while attending the Los Angeles Auto Show yesterday (Thursday Nov.20th). During the press launch I listened to Roger Becker and the lead designer speak about the short lead time for the car and the expected start of production for the US market. The Evora is quite stunning and in fact pictures do not do the car justice. There are subtleties in form and details that are not quite translated in a 2D image. One has to walk around the car taking in forms from varied heights and angles as well as allowing light to dance across the surfaces to see just how much thought and refinement went into the design. No small feat, again considering the 18 to 24 month gestation period.
Unfortunately I could not get too close to the interior (they allowed no one within 10 feet) but the doors were open. When reviewing images of the interior I was skeptical of the large touch navigation screen just above the HVAC control , center of the IP. Well, in person it is better but I think they refined the surfaces along the way. Brushed aluminum is used a fair amount and Recaro Sportster CS seats are used for keeping the occupants in place.

Even though this car is still a prototype I would think most of what was view Thursday will remain in production.


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