Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DBW Pedals for the '06 and up Elise Exige!

Need Better Heel & Toe Control? Try these pedals for your 2006+ Elise and Exige to make that critical throttle blip each and EVERY time you downshift. Our crossdrilled pedal kit replaces the stock pads with grippy and adjustable aluminum pads. The wider accelerator makes a tremendous difference when every second counts. Tailor your Lotus to fit you.

Visit our website to view more details for the '06 and up Lotus models. The 'o5 cars have the award winning design so new pedals are not necessary. The pedal kit addresses some concerns on heel and toe issues some users have with the 'o6 and up cars.

"DBW" by the way stands for "drive by wire" which the '06 and up cars utilize now over the the direct throttle cable of the '05 cars.

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