Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Larini SE

Recently I replaced my OE exhaust with a Larini SE twin exit exhaust. The type of configuration is standard in Europe. When the Elise was approved for the US the style of exhaust was a center exit located under the diffuser. Personally I thought the size and location of the tips were a bit weak in appearance.
After installing the Larini SE the rear of the car appears more muscular and effectively make the car look wider in the rear.

The installation was pretty straightforward. The OE exhaust did separate without a hitch but I may have been lucky. In some cases the OE system may be a bit stubborn. If this is the case when removing your exhaust a hard rubber mallet will aid in removing.
I elected to use the euro style grills which have the holes already for the exhaust tips. The grills are pop rivited to the center license plate mount so this will require drilling out the rivets and riveting the new ones in place..

The sound is deeper then some competitors (which I prefer) and is pretty quiet at low idle. Once over 6000rpm the system sounds great and really makes a difference at passing speeds. I would definately recommend this system!

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