Friday, December 5, 2008

ProAlloy Chargecooler Update

We continue to refine the ProAlloy Chargecooler solution for the Exige 'S'. We made some great new progress that I believe will allow us to introduce the kit soon. The troubles we have been having relate to the insufficient engine rad cooling we are experiencing. The intakes temps are fantastic but engine cooling was reduced.
We tried the new 3 Pass ProAlloy Radiator and realized some improvement in water temps BUT still not enough. The current & stock fan set-up actually impedes airflow to the engine radiator. We've now moved the fans to the top of the radiator stack. This allows the air to reach the engine rad without having to follow such a tortuous path. We should have results early in Jan.
We expect this should give us acceptable engine water temps to go along with the awesome intake temps the chargecooler delivers!

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