Friday, December 7, 2012

Mono Build Entry #16 - Rear Diffusers and Wishbones

For our Friday edition of the Mono build entry, we will start with a totally random, cool picture of 0007:

Circling back to the current status of the build, we have now finished the fitment of the rear diffuser panels. As you can see, the official name of these panels doesn't quite do them justice, as they are not only diffusers for the car, but a continuation of the core body panels and also rear wheel arches as well.

0007 with rear diffusers in place

 With the diffusers in place, we are also working to assemble the rear suspension. The wishbones are now in place, with the axles and uprights still to go.
Right Rear Diffuser Panel, Stays, and Wishbones. The diffuser stay running parallel to the top wishbone was added late in the development of the car, when it was found the panel moved a little too much at very high speeds. The designer of the Mono, Ian Briggs, went to great lengths to work out a stay solution that would be parallel with the wishbone when the car was sat at ride height. In this fashion, he preserved the lines of the rear of the car as much as possible.  

Looking from the right rear wheel arch towards the center line of the car. Note the spherical bearings all contain special lip seals to keep out dirt and grit. 

Rear View, with the right side having the stays and wishbones in place and the left with only wishbones attached.

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