Monday, February 1, 2016

White Rascal Update #5

Now that we are all moved into our new shop, we are working hard to get the White Rascal to a more presentable condition before our open house on March 5th. Progress is slow and steady as we make time for the little Rascal between customer projects and developing new products, but bit by bit a usable car is forming. 

The front end got some attention finally with the installation of a proRAD, radHOSES  and some Top-Mounted Fans along with the stock radiator shroud. These products, along with the deletion of the AC condenser, should keep this car nice and cool on track. We re-installed the passenger side oil cooler with our ONEcoolerLINES. In our experience, the single oil cooler has been sufficient to keep oil temps in an acceptable range. A titanQR  was installed  to improve the steering response, as well as increase the reliability of the Rascal. 

 Since we are getting closer and closer to firing up this car for the first time, some attention was paid to that rear end as well. Our plan for this car is to get it running initially in a stock naturally aspirated configuration before adding some forced induction. We reinstalled the stock air box and intake and added a Larini De-Cat Pipe mated to a TRACKpipe to keep the sound down to an acceptable level. Some fresh NGK IX Iridium Sparkplugs were thrown in for good measure.

We are currently working on finishing up the wiring, the next blog will have an update on the progress of that project. Here is a teaser image for now, you can see that A LOT has been removed from this already light weight machine. 

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