Friday, August 8, 2014

Project Dragon Update #5: Wiring

This past week/weekend was devoted to finishing the wiring on Project Dragon.  We removed the D2 bodywork and started running wires.  We have placed reliability as a very important criteria for us with this car so Ryan has been using OE connectors and other high quality components for the harness.

The car has a couple of inline Delphi connectors being used between the firewall to ease any changes we need to make during our development process.  We decided to to use the GM fuse/relay box that comes with the eRod engine.  It is a tried and true component that has all the functionality that we need.  We have located it at the front of the car above the battery.  Owners will have quick access to it by removing the hood of the Dragon - using quarter turn fasteners.

OE fusebox

Wiring switch panel
 Ryan wired up the switches for the car, which we tested and then finally mounted this week.  These switches are not representative of our final interior.  They are simply developmental parts so we can proceed to test the mechanical aspects of the car.  Our final design is coming soon.
Checking continuity
Tools of the trade

We wired up the Hella lights - Bi-Xenon headlights and LED turn indicators, taillights and reverse lamp.  We will also include a rear rain light to add additional visibility - a smart choice for small and low cars.  We created some simple temporary harnesses for these lights as we knew changes would be required once the final mounts were developed.

The Cosworth dash features a configurable display that we are now sorting.  We will be data logging water and oil temp along with oil pressure during our track testing.  We are running the GM calibration so don't expect to have any air/fuel ratio related problems.  Running the car at SMMR, in the heat of the summer, will be a good test of its durability.  We expect the street reliability of the car to be assured if we can make sure it lives after track abuse.  Wide open throttle for extended periods of time - as experienced on track - it an excellent way to test the durability of a car.  Dave T. will be testing Project Dragon for us this month.

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