Monday, July 28, 2014

BAC Mono: Made To Measure Seat & Steering Wheel

A couple of exciting new options are in the works for the Mono.  Made To Measure (MTM) seat and steering wheel are two new options that allow perfect fitment for a driver.  These options require a visit to Liverpool as creating these MTM items require a great deal of attention to detail.  Much like a bespoke suit from Saville Row, these new options require the assistance of a "tailor'.  Trevor & Alex Powell are the tailors who made my seat insert and we blogged about their work: HERE.  These guys love their work and provide some hilarious banter during the process.  A trip to Liverpool also affords the client a great chance to meet the team at BAC and see the new factory.

The MTM seat is made of a special seat shell/frame.  See below.  This carbon fiber frame is open on the back side and allows for maximum width.  This bolts into the chassis like the stock seat shell.

A foam seat is poured into the cavity and forms to the backside of the driver.  This option will accommodate drivers of all sizes and will offer an excellent fit - at least for the owner of the car!  This option is recommended for drivers with larger waist/hip sizes.

Below you can see a client being test fit.  He is wearing his race suit (another bespoke BAC option) as the foam is very exacting and will conform to the suit.  He is sitting in the seat and will have to remain for about an hour as the foam sets.  Read our previous Blog to learn more about this process and about Trevor and Alex.

The Made To Measure steering wheel is an option that I have not yet seen.  Essentially there a grip that will get molded to your hand/glove.  The top and bottom of the steering wheel will get a carbon fiber rim.  The grip itself will be either rubber or another material (TBD).

These options can be ordered separately or together.  We think they are an exciting addition to an already very exciting car!

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