Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mono Blog Entry#19 : Various

It has been a flurry of activity over the holidays with the Mono build.  We've been tardy with an update and have the following pix for your review of our activity.
Tailights are installed and plugged in - though we still need to route the wires through the wing

Electrical kill & fire extinguisher switches were installed on left side panel.  Brake bias is on right side panel.

Adjusted the hood pin and installed front tow hook.  Battery is tucked away inside.

Heat shielding was added under the main body over exhaust system - right side.  Heat management is an area of focus.

Front lighting system was assembled and installed with CF & billet housings.  These look fantastic!

Heat grill made from expanded metal mesh is formed in a convex shape and finishes the body nicely.

Wilans harness were bolted in.  There are two positions for the shoulder belts based on width.

Motul fluids are used exclusively on the Mono and were filled.  We use the RBF600 brake/clutch fluid as well.
We just received the PC dongle so we can fire her up.  We are coordinating this momentous event with our partners at BAC - they will connect remotely and monitor along with us.  If I may quote Adamski,  "I love technology!"

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