Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adjustable Pedalbox in the BAC Mono

The Mono is a car that has several features that are adjusted for the driver.  The team at BAC decided to keep the drivers helmet as close to the roll hoop as possible so fixed the position of the seat.  Unlike a conventional car, the Mono seat can not be adjusted, instead the steering wheel and pedal box can be adjusted to fit to the driver.  The picture below shows the black chassis and machined pedal box.  Simple cap head bolts are used to secure the box in position, with several choices based on the drivers leg length.

You can see the deadpedal on the left hand side of the box below.  It is also secured to the chassis with the pedal box.  We have been able to fit clients as tall as 6'5" and as short as 5' into the car.  We are quantifying inseam length soon so we can provide better fitment info for potential clients.  The seat insert shown in this post also helps with fitting a shorter driver.  The steering wheel is adjustable for reach and rake.  It is also fixed once an ideal position is found.  Luckily all these features can be adjusted for various sized drivers and take approximately 30minutes to complete.

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