Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cobra Brackets Installed - Update

We've now test fit 2 styles of brackets with the Cobra seat. We've put in a fixed bracket and one that fits on the factory slider. Both work well for tall drivers. Our resident 6fter, Dave, sports a 31" waist and a 33" inseam. He fits well in the Cobra in our Exige. See the picture. The seat can moved 2-3" fore and aft and can also be adjusted for rake/tilt. This will accomodate many drivers but not short folks like me.

The front of the seat runs into the stock center console. Modifying this corner is the key to get the seat in the forward position. I spoke with Chad, Cobra's distributer in the US to discuss the safety implications of modifying a seat. Kevlar seats are commonly and safely modded for tight fitments (like Miatas). Chad was very comfortable with the modifications that I felt were needed to move the seat forward.

Working with Tim, we've made several changes to the brackets to improve fitment. We need to make a couple of tweaks to the fixed seat bracket and we will be ready.

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