Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nitron Exige/211 GT3 Race Suspension

Look what has just arrived.  Our Exige is getting some new legs.  The Nitron Sport Pro will now get swapped out.  This kit has been put to the test by several race teams around the world.  Here is Nitron's description: 
This kit is designed for serious race use, and as such incorporates high and low speed bump control valves for further chassis fine tuning.  As with the NTR Track, this 3-way adjustable kit features remote cannisters that are mounted by 360deg swivelling hoses onto the main shock body.  
We've run the Nitron Track(doubles) before on our Exige.  Going to employ a professional driver to help set these up.  In fact we'll test these against the Sport kit on track.   Gotta love CA weather....

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