Tuesday, January 13, 2009

H3R Fire Extinguisher - Affordable Halotron

We've fit the new affordable H3R fire extinguisher to our Exige with our new FXbracket.  This $150 extinguisher uses class leading Halotron as its extinguishing agent (actually it is a chemical blend of HCFC-123 and a proprietary mixture of 2 inert gases.  It is a UL listed for B & C types of fires which is most appropriate for auto application.  Since it is a gas, it leaves no messy residue on the charred remains of your...

The extinguisher is stuffed with 2.5lb of agent.  It just barely fits in front of the passenger seat.  In fact you have to orient it with the head facing outboard.  This is the minimum size most Track Day are requiring.

The nozzle is a cool design with a 6-10ft range.  

We recommend this for street driven cars as well.  A shocking #  of cars(250k) catch fire each year.

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