Saturday, February 4, 2017

Evora shiftR111 Progress

The earlier S1 Evora shifter is a derivation of the '07+ Elise/Exige shifter.  As a result, it also suffers from poor feel and durability. It has the same blue plastic ball joint that has broken in Elise/Exige/211.  We are now seeing this failure in more and more Evoras, as well.  Clearly, we felt there was a real need.

We took apart an Evora shifter system to see if our shiftR111 might work.  Lotus does a nice job of integrating various requirements to really drive down the cost of a component.  This shifer housing clearly serves a few different functions.  The key was that the overall height of the shifter and the mounting points at the front would work for our shiftR111.  It appeared with a change to our hand brake brackets, we could create a shifter kit for the Evora.  So we got to work on a design.

Shown below is our design for the Evora.  We are now getting a prototype made to test fit into a car.  We remain overtly optimistic.  8^)

We have already sorted out shifter cables and our innovative ESWkit for the Evora so a shiftR111 will complete the package nicely.   

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