Wednesday, July 6, 2016

White Rascal Update #8: ArtCar v2

Our little White Rascal has a new moniker: ArtCar v2.  ManoirArt has finished our Elise and we unveiled it at the Secret CarClub in Rancho Santa Fe last weekend.  I'm very happy with the result.  Unlike our first Art Car, this one sports an especially vibrant paint livery.  You won't miss this car, coming or going.  The finish is hand painted so the brush marks and textures are all apparent.  This is not a show-car finish that is glassy smooth, it looks like paint on a canvas.  Ever since I saw the BMW Art Cars, I knew that one day, I would commission something similar.  Sector111 have now completed two art cars and I could not be more stoked...  

Neil spent 28 days working on this car, painting it by hand.  See our FaceBook album for more details pictures of his process: HERE.  He is available for commissions if you have a car you would like to paint.  Please also check out his art work - it is for sale.  If you like modern art, he's doing some really cool work.  Check out his website and contact him directly: HERE
photographer Nate King
We will be taking the ArtCar v2 to SMMR soon.  Our prototype shifter is coming together in the next two weeks and will go into this car.  We can then run it hard to see how it works.  

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