Thursday, May 26, 2016

Elise/Exige ECU Tuning Update

 We have been making good progress on our new calibrations for Lotus/Alfa.  We have released the Lotus Evora NA and Alfa 4C tunes. The Evora S is getting additional testing along with the tune we have just completed for the Elise/Exige NA cars.  

We now have a new tune for these naturally aspirated cars  with the Cup Airbox + Larini Decat pipe + TRACKpipe.  This airbox is found on the S260 Exige - and our KATANA2.  This is a factory airbox and flows more air than the original airbox found on the Elise/Exige. Our calibrator was able to find about 10hp with this tune. See dyno graph below.

One key objective with this tune was to turn off the second O2 sensor so that a decat could be run on track cars without tripping the MIL on the dash.  We have succeeded as our Elise has been run enough times now without the Check Engine Light turning on.  We will continue to rack up more miles and if everything goes well, plan to release the calibration in June.

The next tune we will develop, for these cars, will have a cold air intake and header.  Expect it this Summer.

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