Thursday, December 10, 2015

White Rascal Update #4

     The White Rascal got a little bit more love lately. We are moving to a new building and had to get the car off the flatJACKS so we could move it to the new place. The freshly painted subframe was bolted up and we temporarily reinstalled the stock rack (we will be switching to the titanQR once we get some more in stock). All the suspension was hung including our raceUPRIGHTS. These uprights will give us a lower center of gravity while retaining the stock suspension geometry that the Lotus engineers spent so much time and effort figuring out, reduce unsprung mass, and allow us to dial in more camber to keep our tires gripping. We temporarily threw on some stock shocks and springs but will likely be running Nitron 46mm Race Pro 1-Way coil overs. We had some used ULTRAdisc rotors to help take care of stopping the car. The wheels were hung with some of our BULLETstuds and YELLOfellos To take care of the toe links, we installed our RTD2brace. This will make the inner toe links much stronger than stock, eliminate deflection, as well as significantly stiffen up the rear of this track focused car. 

We are trying out a new circle track setup with the wheels and tires. 

We also threw the engine back in its home with some of our TRACKmounts2. That is it for this car until we get ourselves settled in our new shop. We are still doing our moving sale so help us out and buy some sweet parts so we have less stuff to lug over to the new place, saving 15% on your order is just a bonus! 

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