Monday, November 3, 2014

New Sector111 Race Elise Build: White Rascal

We have been searching for a crashed Elise that we could build into a Spec Elise track car since selling our Exige S.  We finally snagged one from our good friend Ryan.  This car showed up a couple weeks ago and we cleaned it up a bit and organized our build plan.  Essentially this car will be another test mule for us in addition to potentially becoming a rental car for Lotus Cup racing.  As a result, we will keep the build fairly simple.  If any of you are interested in this car, let us know.  We would be happy to build it to your spec...

The car is stock though it came missing many bits.  It had suffered a crash that damaged both clams, one side sill and a door.  We will replace the clams with our Spec Elise clams front and rear as several clients have done in Lotus Cup.  These clams are lighter and easier to repair than stock.  Plus they lack the openings for lights which is another advantage that prevents those items from popping out during a race.  Don't ask us how we know this...The chassis is straight and undamaged so we will simply clean her up and bolt on our tasty bits.

The car will run as a normally aspirated car to start.  Eventually we may install our KATANA265.  The brakes and suspension will all be upgraded.  We'll address the typical failure areas like radiator, steering rack, shift cables.  Reliability and safety are our top goals so we will avoid any drastic modifications.  Our R3cage will get installed along with harnesses a race seat and fire extinguisher.  The TrackTrilogy of Terror will be taken care of right away as well.

We've named this car the White Rascal.  You'll have to ask us why next time you call us or see us.  The car is actually silver so we may be off a bit...We are working on this car in between client's cars so it may take us until the end of the year to have her running.

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