Saturday, May 10, 2014

Which Maintenance Schedule?

Maybe you're just getting your Elise out from a long winter hibernation... Maybe you've just bought that Exige that the guy down the road has owned since new...  Either way, it's time for some basic engine/ gearbox maintenance to keep your Lotus running well.

A comprehensive engine / gearbox service would consist of:
-Oil and oil filter change
-spark plugs
-air filter
-gear oil

The factory calls for certain intervals for 'regular' driving; when the car is driven enthusiastically, these intervals change drastically.  For example, 'regular' driving has a 7500 mile oil change interval.  For 'special operating conditions' (such as occasional circuit use, with repeated high RPM, wide throttle openings, and high oil temperature), the interval falls to 4000 miles.

For the air filter and plugs, Lotus suggests 30,000 miles for 'regular' drivers, but does not have any further suggestion for 'special operating conditions'.  Here's what we'd suggest:

Aggressive Street:
-plugs, air filter, and gear oil at every 20,000 miles; change oil every 5000 miles

Track Focused + Street:
-plugs, air filter, and gear oil at every 12,500 miles; change oil every 4000 miles

Track/Race Only:
-every 5000 miles or yearly for the plugs and filters- change fluids every 4-6 events

You should also perform a service like this if you have just purchased a used Lotus and you cannot confirm when the last service was.  It's inexpensive piece of mind.

We offer a discount on a maintenance kit called the SERVpak: it has factory filters for your car along with premium Motul fluids and NGK Iridium plugs. We also throw in a hard copy of our 60 point preparation sheet so you double check all the vital nuts and bolts on your car.  When you're done, save the 60 point paperwork with your car's records.  It's great for your future reference, and the next owner of the car will love you for your attention to detail.

Brake fluid is another critical fluid that should be changed yearly on normal cars and more frequently on track driven cars with bleeds conducted after each track event.

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