Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Atom Chassis Repair

We recently completed a chassis repair on an Atom3 that I wanted to share with you.  We had blogged in the past about a different Atom repair that we completed: HERE.  This car spun and suffered suspension damage along with one dent in one of the main chassis tubes.  Replacing the wishbones/uprights/etc was the easy part as they bolt on and off quickly.  The main tube was the item that would take some more care and attention.  
Powdercoat was removed from dent
Our original plan was to cut out the dented section and replace it with a new sleeved section.  Once we started thinking through the details of this task and discussed with TMI about the repair, we came to a different solution.  We hired a certified welder to fill in the dent and smooth out the tube.  This solution turned out beautifully and the client was very pleased with the repair. 

Weld material was added to dent
Weld material was smoothed out

Finished tubing after painting
Chassis damage of this variety in a Lotus would have resulted in a totaled car.  The exoskeleton chassis of the Atom is a unique design feature of the car that not only also adds safety and but makes crash damage much easier to manage - and affordable!

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