Friday, August 23, 2013

Switchblade modifications & weigh-in

The boys have been busy adding and deleting items from our Exige S.  The car has lost a paltry 7lbs but has gained quite a few performance parts that have made the car distinctly better than stock.  It now handles better, is faster and sounds better.  We have also added a couple of new items that we are testing including a new clutch.

Our new MRbearings were fitted to confirm that our production parts were correct.  Frankly the NVH penalty has been a non-issue, I was expecting more noise but it seems similar to stock.  This modification is truly a hardcore solution for track focused cars but we needed to ensure the fit so chose to install them on Switchblade.  This product is now available on our website and sure to be a hit with the racers.

We also installed our BLADE275 which features our proICduct.  This kit transform the power of the car to 275hp.  The acceleration and added supercharger whine is intoxicating.  Our experience has shown that this is at the threshhold of power that is acceptable for track use.  We will avoid slicks on this car to keep the syncros in our tranny happy.  Our gPAN3 was also added to protect Switchblade from oil starvation that is sure to occur on track.
We are testing a new clutch.  The pedal pressure is slightly higher than stock but it can hold much more power.  It is getting broken in now and feels like a great solution.  Of course, I managed to stall the car a couple of times as it was breaking in....hmm, you'd think after 30 years of driving manual transmission cars I could avoid these red-face situations.  ;^)

The handling of the car is really great.  I've been playing with the shock settings and landed on a setting that seems to work well on the street.  I will run the car soon at Spring Mountain.  The combination of supersoft springs, 15"/16" wheels has resulted in a car that has great grip and compliance in the bumpy roads yet the control delivered is excellent.  We are running shock settings that are fairly firm - track level settings - but the car feels great.  The added tire sidewall gives us some more 'spring' for added compliance.  This set-up feels like the right solution for folks dealing with rough roads.  We'll continue our testing and get our man, Dave T in the car for additional professional feedback.

We added one cosmetic mod - a powdercoated gas cap.  Black just looks so right on these cars...though it is missing in the pic below...

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