Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Switchblade Mod: TRACKpipe & The Eliminator V3

The Switchblade came to us stock so one of our first modifications was to reduce weight and improve the sound.  The stock Exige 'S' muffler weighs approximately 32lbs.  We swapped this out with our race-proven TRACKpipe and saved just over 16lbs.  This muffler has a tip that exits out above the diffuser for improved aerodynamics.

We also added The Eliminator V3 which now comes in a black powdercoated finish.  This product helps shed heat that builds up in the rear and reduced an additional 4.5lbs from the back of the car.  We introduced this 'naked rear' to the US market many year ago and took some initial lumps from clients who did not like the appearance.  Over time, the community has come to embrace the benefits of the naked rear and have come to accept this look as something that keeps with the old adage of 'form following function'.

The car now sounds like a proper sportscar with additional supercharger whine adding just the right sound!  Savings 20lbs is a great start with more to come soon....

We also said good bye to a sweet ole friend, our Art Car.  She has left to a good home down in SanDiego.  Jack is an excellent driver who will be able to extract every bit of performance from her.

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