Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two Types of Brake Pads

There are 2 types of brake pads; those with abrasive friction and those with adherent friction. While these sound like big words they are very simple.
  •  Abrasive friction simply means the brake pad provides friction by touching and rubbing on the rotor itself to create the necessary friction for stopping.  Break-in is much easier with this type.  
    • This type of pad is abrasive, and the rotors will wear much more rapidly.  
  • Adherent friction means that the brake pad is transferring a layer of pad material onto the rotor.   As a result, brake performance comes from pad material against pad material.  With this type of pad, rotor life is generally much higher.  Trail braking can be done very smoothly with this type.  
    • One negative with these types of pads is that bed-in is more difficult.  If you don't do it properly, an uneven transfer layer on the rotor will cause a vibration that appears to be 'warped' rotors.  Luckily you can clean the rotors of the uneven pad layer and start once again with proper bed-in.  We recommend purchasing pads of this type already 'Pre-bedded'.   
 Properly bedding your pads and rotors in will greatly extend their life  and give you maximum performance.  Follow the manufacturers recommendations for best results.

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