Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Save 26+lbs from your Evora

We've installed a new Lithium Ion battery from Braille - the Intensity 480R into our Evora. The stock battery weighs in at close to 37lbs while the 480R only weighs a bit over 10 lbs. It is a simple way to shed some weight from the back of the car. So in keeping with the 'Light is Right' philosophy, we've decided to offer this cool battery.

Unlike the B2015 battery we sell for the Elise/Exige this battery has the same footprint as the stock battery. It is classified as a Group 48 battery and uses the factory mount. It is an easy install and only requires a small tweak to the opening of the stock connectors. They essentially need to be opened up to fit over the Braille posts.
One cool feature this battery has is an integrated Shut Off switch. This allows you to shut the battery off for extended storage. Just remember not to completely close the hatch or you will need to employ the same tactics we needed to get into our Evora when it was delivered with a dead battery... We were quite happy with the weight savings we managed with the new Larini exhaust but this battery saves us even more - albeit at a price.

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